Hi, I'm Ester. Here's a little bit about me and my product range...

I remember when I was a young child, I had very bad skin on my hands where they used to crack and bleed on a regular basis. My father made an oil for me and put gloves on my hands to keep the oil soaking in. I never found out what plant or oil mix he used but this stuck with me as my hands were cured and I've never had the same problem since then.

I started in natural therapy over thirteen years ago. I worked as a therapist for years in different areas from massage to sport injuries and then aromatherapy. I always found the most working with essential oils the most effective therapy. I would use the essential oils while treating clients and always found they had less inflammation and an effect of relaxation that would stay with them long after they left the treatment room. 

Both of these factors led to Ester's Aromas. 


I wanted to design a product range free from harmful chemicals and preservatives that anyone could use. I also wanted to produce products of the highest quality yet at the same time affordable.

I pride myself on quality and honesty so everything I have made, I will stand by 100%. I couldn't do this if I didn't.

My children have also been really inspiring to me and I wanted to show them that if there's something you really believe in, you should just go for it.

I wouldn't be able to make Ester's Aromas if it wasn't for the support and love from my family and friends.


Take a look at my product range here.

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