November 2, 2017

HELLO!! its officially the month of November....where has the time gone??? so i just wanted to talk about one of the new gift bags that are available. this specific bag is called me time and is the most popular by far. this post is for the people that have it and have no idea on how to use it, don't have it but were thinking about it or simply have no idea what it is!

the me time gift bag of four products;a calming oil,sleep oil,body butter and candle. this bag is specifically made for a little ‘me time’, whether that's watching tv,sitting down reading a book or sipping on a cup of tea in the most comfortable seat possible. This bag is made up to give you a little hand on allowing yourself to fully relax. Step one; First light your candle to create a cosy relaxed atmosphere. Step two; apply your body butter. Step three; massage your sleep oil into the soles of your feet and the back of your neck. Step four; allow yourself to relax! Now i know what you're thinking ‘you never spoke about the calming oil’, well actually the calming oil is for on the go! Like when you're stuck in traffic and need to calm the mind a little. Role oil on the temples using the roller ball.Important: The sleep and calming oil is not to be used at the same time because both are equally relaxing individually.

hope you enjoyed my blog post ,


PS it's 53 days to December 25th!!!!







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