November 17, 2017

HELLO!! this week i wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to the esters aromas candles. these candles are truly unique as you all probably know they are made with entirely natural soya wax and beautifully wrapped with a white rose! with our wide variety of stunning scents the esters aromas candles are honestly superb. fortunately this year we have thought outside the box! incase you didn't realise all candles come with a choice of packaging; either the original clear plastic,ribbon and white rose OR in a deluxe black box. this idea first came to mind when a customer wanted to bring a cotton white candle abroad as a gift for a family member. she was afraid that in her suitcase the candle wasn't protected or the rose might get squashed!!! this was the exact moment a candle in a box would be much more efficient. so that's what was created! a luxurious black glass in a deluxe black box to ensure an easier journey whether that be across the world or across the road the candle in the box really does make it easier for travelling, burying away in your candle stash or even for packing on shelves. the box can be easier to wrap as well for a Christmas or birthday present even if its a little gift from 'me to me'!!


i hope ye enjoyed my blog post!!


PS: Esters Aromas will not be taking anymore Christmas orders by the last week in November. so try get in your Christmas presents soon :) 






Esters Aromas


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