Welcome 2018!!

January 22, 2018

 HELLO!! welcome all and more importantly welcome to 2018, another new year with even more resolutions. usually new years resolutions consist of mainly ; go to the gym, eat healthy and get fit and toned yet still 80% of those people who do choose those resolutions fail within the first week or two!! one of the main reasons why people decide to give up is because it too much effort or you "don't have time". why is it too much effort? is it having to deal with the aching pain of every muscle the day after?? if it is then wow do i have a treat for you!!.......(drum role please).........the esters aromas muscular balm!! now i know what your thinking, how is using a balm going to keep me at the gym!?!?! well as a matter of fact whipping out your muscular balm and applying it after your workout will more then likely encourage you to go to the gym because you're not sore the next day!! am i starting to make sense?? at the end of the day would you rather wake up in the morning and go to the gym when you're sore and groggy or when you're pain free and determined. which will automatically trigger your performance and what mood you're in for the rest of the day! this is just one of many tips to keep you motivated. another would be printing out pictures of your role model or setting them as your wallpaper on your phone or laptop. every time you go to eat a bit of chocolate or add sugar to your tea simply switch on your phone, look how confident your role model looks in that picture, look how amazing they look or how happy they are. this is definitely an effective way to keep motivated, set yourself a goal and ensure you remind yourself of that goal daily. 

think of it this way, every year you challenge yourself to try better you for you!! just remember throughout the year that you must complete this challenge, tell that little voice in the back of your head to fuck off. "fuck off voice!!" now, are you ready? good.



I hope ye enjoyed my blog post!!



PS: only you have the power to better yourself, unfortunately no one else can do the hard work for you. after reading this blog promise me something, you will aim to better yourself everyday whether that be start reading again, go for a walk, make a healthy ass smoothie, look in the mirror and smile-be proud of who you are and more importantly be comfortable in your own skin, its all you've got!





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