Liquid Gold!!

April 22, 2018

HELLO!! wow its been a while. anyway to get back into the swing of things i thought I'd introduce one of esters aromas new products. reason being there's been a lot of questions about this one. like how to use it, what does it do, how is this beneficial and even what is it!? 

OK so first off, this is a face cleansing moisturiser. i don't think I've ever heard of something like this before to be honest. it basically cleanses your face with or without makeup and moisturises it at the same time naturally, just like the rest of the products made. its the ultimate multi-tasker. there's been a lot of questions from return buyers about producing a face moisturiser but unfortunately the particles in the butters are too large for the face and can therefore block your pores. so.......low and behold a moisturising oil (and cleanser) this oil is an absolute miracle worker!! whether you just have dry, sensitive skin and need a natural moisturiser or you just want to find a natural makeup remover than this is the product for you. but unfortunately if you are prone to oily skin than this is not the product for you because adding oil on top of oil will just block your pores! this product contains argon oil (from Morocco) Calendula, coconut oil and Vitamin E in a base of Rose Water. its approximately 99% organic......unfortunately to get raw organic rose water would cost an arm and a leg but fortunately the rest of the ingredients are 100% natural and organic!! so here you have it folks.....liquid gold, without having to sell a limb. to use the face cleansing moisturiser is actually really simple. all you do is spray directly onto face and wipe off excess with a cotton pad. that's it!!! i'd recommend use it at night, before bed so the oil has time to soak into the skin and work its magic.





In celebration of Earth Day I'd also just like to add that esters aromas is trying its best at helping the environment so all plastic bottles have been replaced with glass ones. 

Happy Earth Day xx





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