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September 2, 2018

Hello!! So today i just quickly wanted to talk about the Esters Aromas body sprays. They have become very popular recently among the young and the older generation.The original idea of the body sprays came from feedback. People loved the candles so much that they wanted to smell like their favourite scents!! Aswell as buying them as a treat for yourself they are perfect for on the go. For example going on holidays, because it is a 30ml bottle it is definitely airport friendly or even for festivals or nights out, they're perfect to slip into your handbag and not worry about them leaking or taking up too much space. I'd also just like to take a moment to admire the beautiful packaging. When you pick your preferred scent it arrives in an ageless royal blue glass bottle with a black pump that sprays a refreshing mist of smelly glory😆

Now lets get onto the important stuff...the scents!! To start off we have pomegranate and raspberry; this is a summery, tropical scent and in some cases a mood lifter because of its fruity aroma. Neroli and rose is a beautiful, pretty and very feminine scent. Warm vanilla and sugar is exactly what it says on the tin. Lime and mango is exactly like the candle, if you like the candle you're going to love this!  And last but not least the newest scent rose, orange and sandalwood. Its not actually released just yet so i'm going to leave ye guessing on what it smells like!

Also thought now would be a good time to mention Esters Aromas 5th year anniversary in October. Which means something BIG is on its way! Something so big it took 2 years to create and perfect. But, at the end of the day its still a little early to be giving ye hints (oops....sorry) Its definitely something to look forward to, so get excited for that!!




Esters Aromas


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