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November 19, 2018

HELLO! 'its beginning to look a lot like christmaaaasssss.....'. 36 days and counting. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, I'm a celebrity has started and the Coca Cola Christmas advert is officially on the TV. Its Christmas time ladies and gentlemen and Esters Aromas is closed for the festive season. BUT......pharmacies nationwide are fully stocked with Christmas goodies. so today i quickly wanted to talk about my essential 'winter wonders' seen as this time of year is famous for drying out your skin and making us all look like shrivelled little raisins.

My Winter Wonder List;

- Organic Body Butter


- Face Cleansing & Moisturising Oil

- Cuticle Oil

- Christmas scented Candle




1) Organic Body Butter; Very moisturising, soothing and refreshing for dry, sensitive skin. Most beneficial after a shower when pores are open. All organic ingredients including organic shea butter,coconut butter,vit E aswell as calendula,sunflower,neroli and manderine essential oils. Perfectly re-hydrates the skin.....preventing that shrivelled raisin look!!





2) Face Cleansing & Moisturising Oil;  this product contains argon oil (from Morocco) Calendula, coconut oil and Vitamin E in a base of Rose Water. its approximately 99% organic......unfortunately to get raw organic rose water would cost an arm and a leg. i'd recommend use it at night, before bed so the oil has time to soak into the skin and work its magic. An absolute life-saver after a long day, especially during winter weather.





 3) Cuticle Oil; Contains frankinscense, myrrh and calendula oil. 30ml bottle of cuticle repair oil. Also very handy if you get your nails done for Christmas. Alot of people put so much effort into finding the right product for their skin that their nails are forgotten about. Unfortunately finger nails can become very brittle and dry out during winter months as well!! so its important to apply cuticle oil at least once a week.





4) Christmas scented Candle; to be honest what is a winter essentials list without a candle thrown in there?? Personally filling the house with cosy Christmas scents is a must every year. Esters Aromas offers three Christmas scents. Chestnut & Vanilla (smells like cookies), Christmas Spice (smells like any shop you walk into at Christmas time) and Cinnamon (a staple scent for this time of year). Having candles lighting around the house is a sure sign for winter months- time to swap your summer wardrobe for cosy knitted jumpers and fluffy socks!

















Esters Aromas

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